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Dealing with psoriasis can be a stressful daily struggle. It can make it hard to be yourself. People change the way they dress and become more withdrawn as they try to cope. Many people weren't happy with the typical treatment options like injections, messy creams, or drugs with dangerous side effects. The introduction of a new daily pill called Otezla gave people new hope. This work empowered people to take control and show more of themselves to the world again.

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How Otezla Works Website Video

This campaign helped people realize life can be different with Otezla. Print, TV, and website content let people know that there's now a pill that's a safer, simpler, and effective at preventing psoriasis flare-ups. Videos on the website explained how Otezla works and what sets it apart. The award-winning GOtezla mobile app guides patients during through their first month of treatment with daily tips, medication reminders, and useful tools like a Pselfies feature that helps tracks symptoms for their next doctor visit.

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Overview of Award-Winning GOtezla App

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The GOtezla app won a Silver DTC Perspectives Award for GOtezla as Best Mobile App.

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The print campaign won a Silver for Best Branded Print Campaign at DTC Perscpectives and was a MM&M Print Campaign Finalist

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