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Flonase Sensimist /

Flonase Sensimist gives people the power to be greater than their allergies. It provides the freedom to roll down the windows, open the doors, and enjoy a world without limits. In February 2017, this integrated campaign launched the brand and engaged people in multiple channels. It helped get people to rethink how they treated their allergies.


Beyond just TV, the campaign achieved mass reach through online pre-roll videos, banners, social media, a Pandora campaign, and cross-country RV road trip to America's worst allergy cities starring a family with a huge social media following.

Display Banner & Interactive Rich Media:

This YouTube masthead generated 321 million impressions in the 24 hours it was live. That's 3x the reach of Super Bowl '17. Plus, 3.1 million people opted-in to watch the entire embedded video. Days after, visits to product website increased by 379%.



Banners and a YouTube masthead drove awareness of an activation event. TV star Derek Hough sent the Eh Bee family across the country to complete challenges that would leave cities a little greater. The family generated branded content and engaged with their 17 million followers on social media. People who entered the sweepstakes could win a trip to anywhere in the USA.

YouTube Masthead Takeover:

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