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 Who the heck is this guy?

Hi there, I'm Tony.

I'm a hands-on creative leader and digital storyteller. As a writer by trade, I love creating content and solving problems.

Like a Swiss Army knife, I have the versatility to do it all: from providing creative direction, to generating ideas, to leading teams or client presentations.

I specialize in developing big, integrated brand campaigns built on the backbone of solid strategies. I enjoy digging deep to uncover powerful idea platforms that extend brands to any medium – whether that's through print, TV, social media, experiential, or mobile.

I value results as much as big ideas. Throughout my career, I’ve created unexpected work that's moved the needle for a variety of recognized brands. My ideas have solved clients’ problems, built brands, won new business, and earned some nice shiny awards.

The way I see it, advertising should illuminate a brand’s personality and make people want to engage with the message. Because when it's done well, I believe great work really does work.

I live in the East Village. When I'm not filling my notebook with ideas, you'll probably find me playing soccer, getting inspired at art galleries, or planning my next SCUBA diving adventure.

I've helped drive results and take many brands to new places.



Theraflu, Advil, Flonase Sensimist, Cepacol, Airborne, Cialis, Bydureon, Vascepa, Adakveo, Sensodyne, Nicorette, Abreva, Nicoderm, Prolia, Humalog, Axiron, Eucrisa, Toujeo, Imfinzi, FreeStyle Libre, Evenity, Sunosi, Otezla, Twinlab Vitamins, Biohaven, Biogen, Tecfidera, AARP, Belviq, University Hospitals, Kevzara,

Mucinex, Fasenra, Durex, Trulicity


Travel & Luxury





Marriott, Hilton, Amtrak, Disney, Skybus Airlines, El Al, Qantas, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Disney, Bernie Robbins Jewelers, Carnival






Chase, Merrill Lynch, E-Trade,

Duff & Phelps, JP Morgan,

Goldman Sachs, Bright Start, Accenture, CollegeAdvantage,


Wolters Kluwer, Huntington Bank,

American Express, TIAA-CREF







BMW Motorcycles of Singapore, Bosch, Purolator, Firestone,  Mazda, Harley-Davidson, Ford, Toyota,

Motorcycle Hall of Fame & Museum, Germain Auto Dealers, Cadillac, Nissan, Lexus, Mercedes






Dewar’s, Crown Royal, Cointreau, Martini & Rossi, Red Stag, Bacardi, Plymouth Gin, Jim Beam, Hornitos, Sol Beer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade,

B&B, Purity Vodka


Technology & Media



Sony Electronics, NFL, MTV,

Netgear Wireless Extenders,
LG Optimus G2, Comcast Xfinity, Gogo Inflight Internet, Nokia, Omron, First Data, MSNBC, Verizon, Maxim, Wine Spectator, Showtime, ShowPlace Icon Theatre, SiriusXM,

Microsoft Windows Phone, Samsung


Packaged Goods

Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Pagoda Snacks, Quaker Oats,

Red Baron Pizza, Pepsi, RC Cola, ZonePerfect, Air Wick, Scotts,

NOS Energy Drink, Resolve, Hartz, Honey Bunches of Oats, Old El Paso, Reese’s, Land O’Lakes, McCormick, Thompson’s WaterSeal, Hershey’s,

International Delight, Pierless Pet Food, Cap’n Crunch, Chunky Soup


Food, Retail & Apparel





Pizza Hut, Perkins Restaurants, Donatos Pizza, TCBY, Mrs. Fields, CVS, La-Z-Boy, Craftsman, Diesel, Land's End,,

CleatSkins, Bed Bath & Beyond,

Chicago Bears

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