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Chunky Soup is made with good stuff that makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re more likely to do good stuff for others, thus revealing the Souper You. This integrated campaign engaged Canadian consumers on a more thoughtful and emotional level. The spot debuted contextually online and in cinemas before previews of superhero films like Justice League, and Star Wars during the winter holiday blockbusters. Movies-style trailers, billboards, and theater standees reinforced the message. Sponsored Facebook posts along with :15 and :06 bumpers on YouTube, Twitch, IMDB, and Hulu extended the campaign’s reach.


Engage & Amaze

Social listening for relevant stories and posts with words like volunteering, helping, or fixing allowed us to identify thousands of people worthy of being rewarded for their good deeds. Teasing tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram influencers helped us find the people doing good things for friends, family, and the community. Then Chunky invited these do-gooders to get their own free 3-D printed action figure, which were subsequently shared all over social media.

Social Media:

The League of Souper Heroes

Working with My 3D Selfie, Chunky created 1,000 custom 3-D printed action figures for some deserving everyday heroes. When invited to join the League of Souper Heroes, a direct message is sent with a link to the campaign landing page and a special code. Then they can submit photos to create their own action figure for free. All we asked is that they share it on social media with #SouperYou. Their photos, posts, and videos helped create a lasting impression with a wider audience.

User Generated Content, Influencer Marketing & Social Media:

Good Deeds & Great Rewards

A retail activation program amplified the brand ethos in the grocery aisle and gave sales a powerful boost. Shelf-talkers and POS signage for the "Souper You Sweepstakes" converted shoppers and encouraged them to submit photos of receipts as proof of purchase to enter the contest. One lucky Canadian was rewarded with a John Deere riding lawn tractor, complete with a snow-blower attachment powerful enough to tackle the whole neighborhood during the worst winter storms.

Case Study Video:

All in all, the campaign and commercial went on to be one of the best-testing and best-performing creative initiatives that Campbell's Canada has ever produced. After 4 years of double-digit declining sales, Campbell's saw a significant increase of 8% sales growth just one year after launching and the campaign was an Effie Finalist.

Fun fact about the commercial: it was directed by Chris Hooper and despite it being a winter scene it was shot on a 75-degree day in a Toronto suburb. Just notice the PA's in t-shirts and shorts.

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