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What's the enemy of fun? Complacency. When we get stuck in our routines, a mundane day-to-day version of fun becomes good enough. So, for the 2019 post-holiday push, we challenged Carnival's cruisers to demand more from their fun. To raise their bar to the level of fun that only Carnival can offer. It was that emotional truth that led Carnival's LET FUN LIVE Sales Event and made it Carnival's most successful post-holiday promotion to date.

This campaign challenged the fun status quo and won digital, social, and CRM duties for Wunderman in a review. The creative platform engaged travelers through multiple channels and drove record results after running. Using strategic next-level personalization, we leveraged data to target key segmentations and tailored the creative with the most meaningful kind of fun based on their interests and demographics.

Partnerships with Instagram influencers helped introduce the promotion with YouTube Pre-roll videos and emails. Using GIFs of real spontaneous moments of unexpected fun, we brought the campaign to life and engaged would-be cruisers. Carnival experienced more bookings and saw more traffic after the work started running. Impressions, open rates, click throughs, and conversions far exceeded benchmarks and goals.


Each touch point feeds into the next and used real-time personalization make people think "I need a vacation." Once the cruise was booked, we built up excitement and anticipation to get them thinking about all surprising ways they could experience fun.

It's time to have the most fun ever. Bluetooth fridge magnets, an interactive activity planner, fun DM kits, and departure emails helped get cruisers thinking about what type of fun activities await and what type of excursions they could book ahead.


Social activations and personalized hashtags helped Carnival engage and reward cruisers at sea. It also allows us to  reconnect with people on social media at key times like their Cruise-iversary.  Direct mail and follow up emails after their trip helped get people thinking "How can I have more fun again?"

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